Life and technology.

How to maximize screen time

There is no reason to participate in the real world. As everyone should, you want to spend time with your screens exclusively. But—as it is with anything good—staying on your screen constantly requires hard work. This 5 step guide will help you.

The app addiction

Phones are not made to be addictive. The gambling machines we happily install on them are. They employ simple psychological tricks to get you in, maximize your time spent and ensure that you return.

Demystifying Apple's Touch ID

The iPhone X will replace Touch ID with Face ID; But what are the mechanisms that for years have been storing our fingerprints so safely? I took a close look.

Website Performance: Understanding the Basics

Crucial for website performance is the critical rendering path, this article shines a light on browser rendering and provides tools and strategies to optimize for it.

REM&EM: why and how

REM has been considered a web best practice for reasons of accessibility and abstraction. But recent conversation arose whether the abstraction REM or EM is still worth maintaining.